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On the 8th August ww2 Hero Robbie Clark will be 97 years old, the Oldest survivor of the Death March in 1945. and his battle  is still on going with Brent Council. to get the correct funding for his 24hr Care that he needs. still is not a battle that he wanted to fight at his age, it noy a battle anyone should have to fight i the late years, but Robbie is not the only one out there fighting. and by highlighting  this case we here at Honour our Forces wanted to say if you are or you know of anyone that has problems like this with a Council; we would love to here from you….


As we said it Robbie Birthday a week on Saturday 8th August  and we have  been asking if you would like to send Robbie a card or maybe Donate to support him or even both. if you would like  to please email us on DM us on Twitter and we will send you the details of where to send the cards to0 the cut off date will be Friday this week. if you wish to Donate  then please click the link below.

once again thank you for your support.

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10 July 1940 – Official start of the battle of Britain

The battle began with the Kanalkampf, or Channel Battles phase, when the Germans launched sustained attacks against British shipping to prevent much-needed supplies from reaching the beleaguered British Isles. Such attacks had been taking place since late June but early July saw a marked increase in the frequency and ferocity.

The tenth of the month was the date later chosen by the RAF as the official start date for the battle proper and this day certainly saw the largest dogfight fought over the Channel up to that point. By sundown the RAF had lost seven planes against the Luftwaffe’s 13. This was an astonishing rate of success for the outnumbered British fighter pilots. German losses should have sent alarm bells ringing within the Luftwaffe high command but instead they chose to believe their own inaccurate intelligence reports that claimed 35 British ‘kills’. It was a portent of things to come.

As One of Britain’s oldest surviving prisoners of war faces being forced into a care home against his will after a Labour council refused to pay for his home help.
Robbie Clark a 96 year old War Hero and ex POW, Robbie 96, has spent more than £50,000 of his life savings to pay for 24-hour care at his home in Burnt Oak, North London. Now the veteran, who was one of the British soldiers who survived Hitler’s 1,000-mile death march across Europe in 1945, only has enough money to last another three months. Mr Clark’s son Mike, 58, has been in a two-year battle with Brent Council over funding his father’s care since the pensioner lost the use of his legs after a heart operation in 2012.

Please support if you can, lets give  Robbie his respect that he has earned. and allow him the funds to carry on living in the home he loves






We have been asked to share this

Dear Sir/ Madam,
BBC Ones hugely popular DIY SOS: The Big Build is working on a Veteran’s Special and it’s the most ambitious build yet!
The DIY SOS team are redeveloping several homes on a whole street in Manchester specifically for veterans. There will be two lovely family homes and a third house that is for residential training accommodation, as we’ve made links with a local college. The houses will be designed bespoke to the new occupants’ needs and there will also be an on-site support office on the street. We are hoping that this will be the start of a Veterans Village and a blueprint for other councils to follow.
We are working with a housing trust Haig Housing that is run by and for veterans, and the military charity Walking with the Wounded– Prince Harry is their president of expeditions, you might have seen some of the charity events he holds for them on the television. Haig Housing have created a poster with all the application details on it (please see attachment).
We would be grateful if you would consider spreading the word about this project by distributing the poster. It would also be fantastic if this could be featured on your website/ forwarded to your Facebook followers/ newsletter subscribers/ or maybe even tweeting it. We really want to raise awareness of this great opportunity so that people start applying for these incredible new homes.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any enquirers. email is candice.hayden@bbc.co.uk.
Yours faithfully,
Candice Hayden
Producer I Anna.bonaddio@bbc.co.uk