When I Joined the Army in 1939, I was sent for training in Carlisle.On one particular Sunday we didn’t have any marching or drill to do and there was a park near by, so being a Sunday me and my mate went for a stroll to the park. As we got near there were two girls and we got talking to them and one of them lived in London. I hit it off with her instantly and we laughed and joked. She was up there with her Mum and Dad on holiday in the Lakes we got on really well her name was Rita.We exchanged addresses and said ‘Bye’ to each other and I thought that was that and I would not see her again.

However when the War broke out I was sent to the town of Salisbury for more training.photo (1)

As it was getting close to Christmas, most of the boys were going to go home for Christmas, but as a Geordie I wanted to go up north to my parents for New Year. So I thought to myself, if I go North then I’ll have to go via Kings Cross Station. I thought I’ll write to Rita to see if she remembers me. I sent the letter to Rita and told her who I was and if she remembered me that I was going home to Newcastle Upon Tyne for the New Year and if she would like meet me I would be at Kings Cross Station on Tuesday. On my trip up to London, I was thinking about Rita a lot and I didn’t know if she would be there – but to my surprise and  happiness she was there waiting for me under the clock!

So off we went for some tea and we chatted and the time flew by too fast and it was time for me to catch my train to Newcastle we arranged to meet again on my return trip via Kings Cross and our love bloomed.

I was then transferred from Salisbury to High Wycombe and Rita would come over and see me every Sunday and we spent some lovely times together in the Chilterns.

Then the Order came through that we were going overseas to fight and Rita and I spent as much time as we could together and our love just grew for each other.

We didn’t get engaged because I thought well ‘I might get killed and not come back’ and that would be so hard for Rita.

The day I sailed from Liverpool she came to London to wave me off at the station and say ‘Good Bye’. That was in 1940. and I didn’t see Rita again for 5 years. Our love must have been so strong as she waited for me all those years.

When I did get home at the end of the War and came back to London we met and did a lot of catching up. We decided to get married. I proposed to her on VE Day!

We arranged our wedding in South Shields in St Michael’s Church – I married my Rita at Church where my mum and Dad married and we were happily together for 64 years till Rita passed away in 2009.  photo (2)

You know love forges great bonds and our love lives on today, I miss her every day. We spent lots of happy days in this house,our home our family home, where memories of Rita are always with me.I wish to stay in our home till my end.




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