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Update 18.15 17th Aug 2016
Robbie Clark now could lose his home due to the Brent Council sending him a bill for his Care for 24k , which is a total Disgrace , with now the threat of Enforcement. Robbie is 98 years old and used up all his savings to pay for his care a year ago, we here have managed for the last year with you kind help and other to keep his care going, but has run dry. but Brent Council want to dig the hole deeper they say Quote, “it would be cheaper to put him in a care home”
Robbie does not wish to go in to a home, he has lived in this house for years. and has all the Memories. he say put me in a home i would be dead in months. all i would like to do is reach 100 id be a happy then.

This is No way to treat anyone but even worse is this man stood up for and fought for us and this this country.

If you wish to support please do in anyway you wish but please spread the word shout it from hills. and show Him we care .

you can donate here if you wish gofund.me/l7vuio

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